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It is a sick feeling when you get served with a lawsuit. It feels like the world hates you and you're worthless for not being able to pay. However, the truth is that most people want to pay but their situations make it impossible right NOW when the creditors want it. So, bankruptcy is not avoiding debt - it's placing it in a proper order so that you are protected and the creditors are protected in a more orderly fashion. Civil Complaints are distressing but they can be managed appropriately by Loretta Burnett at (719) 380-7333 in Colorado Springs or (303) 829-4357 in Denver!!
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This is the Complaint form in Colorado to file a lawsuit in County Court. you only have 20 days to Answer this lawsuit after it is served upon you. If you need emergency protection from creditors please complete the Debt PrepSteps before contacting Loretta Burnett!!
Colorado Civil Complaint - County Court
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