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Has the IRS got you so tightly wound that you can't breathe-or are scared to open your mail? Many taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy - in other cases we can get you into a plan payment within a chapter 13 that is affordable. Taxes and the ability to discharge certain taxes is an extremely complicated issue.
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Couples facing divorce are also suddenly met with an array of financial issues-support of two households, care of the children, who will pay the mortgage, the next trip to the dentist, etc. Although you may not think about bankruptcy at the time, bankruptcy can resolve a lot of issues couples are faced with in a divorce.
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To some the loss of a home your family has lived in for years is tremendous. So many memories may exist within those walls and to lose a home due to economic downfall whether because of the economy, a job loss and or medical reasons is devastating. Our firm can give you options and in some cases a solution.
Potential clients always ask me "how much debt do I need to qualify for bankruptcy?" Years ago I had a client whose only debt was qwest - for which she was being garnished. It did not matter to her that her total debt amounted to $2800-what mattered was stopping the 25% garnishment on her pay check so that she could feed her family.
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From personal experience- I know how devastating a medical condition can effect every aspect of your life. It is also difficult to make important decisions when you or a loved one is suffering medically. Bankruptcy can be a life saver-but there are also consequences that truly affect the timing of the bankruptcy filing. You need a professional, some well versed in the law to help you through this. Contact us and we will guide you through this as painlessly as possible.
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Coming out of your home to get in your car for work and to discover the car is no longer there is a humiliating experience. Call us before that happens - we may be able to save the car and in some cases, even pay less for it! If the item has already been repossessed there are only limited circumstances in which we can get it back-but you must hurry to see Loretta!!
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Please follow the LABurnettLegal Debt Prep Steps to repair your life!
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If the repossession has already happened and you are now feeling the effects of collection or garnishment we can STOP that problem-don't wait any longer!
This unique feature about our firm has existed for over twenty-four years. We welcome the tax issues-the bigger the better. If bankruptcy is not the answer our Tax Attorney attacks the IRS in other ways.
That's why we specialize in taxes and bankruptcy. We can do it all! For over 24 years our firm has been winning cases for burdened taxpayers against the IRS and the State of Colorado. We work with the TaxHelpLaw team to guide you to the best resolution.
Garnishments are a priority with us and we will work to get your case filed as quickly as possible. Once we file the case the garnishment in most instances will cease immediately-which will help you breathe easier. The sooner you contact us the sooner your money will be back in your pocket.
Many of our clients have been able to keep their home, file bankruptcy and in some cases get rid of a second or third mortgage and get current on their first mortgage. Also within bankruptcy lenders will still consider a loan modification program if the applicant qualifies. We can assist you through these processes. Contact us to learn so much more.
Our firm will explore all the issues that come up in a divorce, including how child support and alimony are affected when a bankruptcy is filed.
Timing is everything and these issues can get extremely difficult, both emotionally and financially-so take that step and contact us today-it is a free consultation and there is no obligation to proceed-if anything utilize it as a educational tool when working through the divorce.
Whether you approach the possibility of filing a bankruptcy together or alone-it should be explored as a possible solution to the resolution or division of debt.
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