Loretta shows the steps to resolving your IRS problem with Collection Notice 1058!!
Loretta explains IRS Collection Letter 1058 to taxpayers!
LABurnettLegal destroys the IRS in Court!!
Stratmoor Colorado debt attorney Loretta Burnett files bankruptcy over IRS Collection letter 1058 and wipes out ALL debt of taxpayer/debtor!!
Monument bankruptcy attorney Loretta Burnett teaches the BEST response to IRS Collection Letter 1058 at 719 380-7333
Loretta Burnett shows Cimarron Hills Colorado the way to fight IRS Collections!!
This is another notice of intent to levy from the IRS, similar to a Notice CP504. You only have 30 days before the IRS has the right to take your assets. To stop this enforced collection, we need to obtain your file, discover the issues and the years; determine the statutes of limitation and then give you a range of choices to stop the IRS. Call LABurnettLegal at 719 380 7333 to prevent IRS seizure of your assets, property, wages, and bank accounts!!
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IRS Collection Letter 1058
The IRS uses Notice 1058 to tell the taxpayer that they intend to levy against wages, bank accounts and property. Prior to seizure, please follow the Debt PrepSteps for quick protection or contact Loretta Burnett directly.
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