Loretta demonstrates how to respond to IRS Collection notice CP91!!
Loretta gives proper response to IRS Notice of Collection CP91
Fountain Colorado bankruptcy attorney Loretta Burnett capsizes IRS Collectors in tax tumult!!
Best response to IRS Collection notice CP 91 given by Monument Colorado bankruptcy attorney Loretta Burnett at 719 380-7333!
Loretta smashes IRS position when tax war erupts over IRS Collection Notice CP91 in  Cimarron Hills Colorado!!
IRS flees onslaught of LABurnett's tax army in Penrose Colorado!!
The IRS uses CP91 Notice of Collections, to indicate that they intend to take your social security. They can only take 15% but for many taxpayer that's too much. Therefore, we need to get your IRS file, figure the statute of limitations, determine the documents which should be filed and make an Action Plan for you to  have a range of options to fight the IRS!! Call Loretta Burnett at 719 380 7333!
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The IRS uses Notice CP91 to warn you that they intend to take your Social Security payments to pay for back taxes. For rapid service, please follow the Debt PrepSteps or please contact Loretta A. Burnett if you've received this notice!!
IRS Collection Notice CP91
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