Loretta Burnett shows how to respond and stop an IRS collection notice CP90!!
Loretta Burnett shows how to contest IRS Collection Notice CP 90!!
LABurnettLegal wrecks IRS case!!
BEST Bankruptcy attorney in Woodland Park Colorado shows how to respond to IRS Collection notice CP 90!!
LABurnettLegal files suit against Penrose Colorado IRS collector!!
Loretta shows how a Notice CP90 should be handled!!
IRS Collection Notice CP90:   This is an IRS notice of intent to levy. After 30 days the IRS can take almost any asset. But, they usually go after bank accounts and wages. The bank account levies are not particularly dangerous because the IRS only takes whatever was in the bank account on the day that the levy hits. Wage levies are more dangerous because they are continuous and don't stop until the IRS releases them. Please call Loretta Burnett at 380 7333 if you have any tax problems at all!!
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The IRS uses Notice CP90 to warn you that they intend to take your assets, wages and property. Please follow the Debt Prep Steps to stop this action!! Or, please contact Loretta Burnett directly.
IRS Collection Notice CP90
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