Loretta Burnett shows the Debt Prep Steps that saves her clients a LOT of money and headaches!!
Loretta Burnett of LABurnettLegal.com shows how to stop tax and debt problems with Steps to resolution!!
Learn how to STOP IRS collection against you!
Learn how to stop your debt problems with LABurnettLegal's 3 easy Debt Prep Steps!!
LABurnettLegal and TaxHelpLaw devour IRS contentions!!
3 easy steps to eliminating any debt!!
Learn how a tax attorney and a bankruptcy attorney can destroy the IRS collection position for you!!
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2) Gather your last 2 years income tax returns. If you have tax problems a consultation with J David Hopkins is recommended.
3) Please contact Loretta and bring the above documents to the Appointment!
1) Gather your last 2 months of paystubs.
a) LABurnettLegal Debt Organizer. (Please allow a few seconds to download & call with questions)
Loretta A. Burnett
LABurnettLegal Team
Rapid Filing Option: For emergency filings, complete every entry in these two organizers:
b) Bankruptcy Required Documents Organizer. All items must be disclosed.
IRS Audit Defense Website:
Loretta Burnett has developed Debt Prep Steps to easily guide you through your bankruptcy process. For extremely rapid service, choose the Rapid Filing Option so LABurnettLegal can Electronically File your case.
We recommend these 3 preliminary Debt Prep Steps for your consultation with Ms. Burnett:
Your case can be filed IMMEDIATELY after the full retainer is paid!!
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