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LABurnettLegal understands that speed and cost are two primary factors when choosing a bankruptcy attorney. Therefore, we've developed Debt Prep Steps to get us the information we need to quickly file your case! Your case will be handled more efficiently with less cost.
The solution to debt problems is a careful analysis of the intertwined State and Federal Statutes and case law. Foreclosure, Divorce, Taxes, Medical problems, etc. all have their special rules and pitfalls to be addressed. Therefore, LABurnettLegal has vast experience and ability to discern your problem and your exact solution. Sometimes, bankruptcy is the answer. Other times, tax solutions or State Court action is required.
Bankruptcy is a creature of & mandated by federal law. The property that a debtor owns when a bankruptcy is filed, whether it be personal or real property in Colorado, is protected under state law; assuming the debtor meets the residency requirements. These protections are called exemptions & depending upon the length of residency, can be controlled by state or federal law.
Since debtors have a need to keep most of their possessions, yet still file for bankruptcy relief, it is important to retain an attorney experienced in these matters. Our firm has had vast experience in litigating bankruptcy exemptions and how they apply in Colorado and specifically to the individual seeking bankruptcy relief.
There are two types of consumer bankruptcies available to individuals: Chapter 7 & Chapter 13. At your first consultation our office is committed to explaining these various Chapters & recommending the Chapter which best fits your needs. Whether you need to stop a garnishment, foreclosure or repossession- our office acts immediately to respond to these concerns.
Since bankruptcy is a complex matter and the chapter filed must be tailored to the individual needs- we reserve making blatant statements about each chapter available on this website. Each case is unique to us. That is why the initial consultation is so important!
You will always meet with the attorney at your first visit & after you have retained our services you will continue to meet with the attorney. At a minimum, you will meet with the attorney at least three times before the case is even filed.
We strive to treat our clients with the respect & dignity they deserve. Your concerns, questions & reservations are our upmost priority; that is also why our policy is for the attorney directly to return every phone call within 24 hours or less.
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