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Loretta Burnett
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Loretta Burnett is the premier tax and bankruptcy attorney in El Paso county!!
Loretta Burnett shows how bankruptcy is the best option against the IRS!!
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Loretta has been practicing law since 1988 and concentrates her practice in the area of Bankruptcy with an emphasis in tax law. Ms. Burnett is a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. She has been speaking at the ABI conferences in the area of consumer bankruptcy law since 2007.
A graduate of the University of Colorado with an advanced BA in Sociology, Loretta continued her education at the Willamette University School of Law, graduating honorably in 1987. Loretta has been licensed to practice Federal law since 1988. In addition to practicing law, she has also taught how bankruptcy laws are affected by domestic, personal injury, and workers compensation laws. Ms. Burnett has been a featured speaker at CLE conferences on legal ethics and legal procedure. She frequently speaks at other local seminars presented by Denver attorneys & the Chapter 13 Trustee office.
Ms. Burnett has vast experience litigating various bankruptcy matters and has published opinions with West Publishing and AmJur. In 2009, Loretta was accepted into the National Association of Professional Women, where she continues her active membership.  Loretta works closely with the Bookkeeper and Tax Attorney at TaxHelp so you get full service debt protection!
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Loretta is a member and is affiliated with:
National Association of Consumer BK Attorneys
American Bankruptcy Institute
J. David Hopkins, Tax Attorney, Mr. Hopkins specializs in IRS and Colorado tax controversis, litigation, Appeals, Tax Court, and Collection cases.
Linda M. Hopkins, President & Founder, TaxHelpReturns. Ms. Hopkins prepares all tax returns, bookkeeping and accounting data.
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311 W. 24th St.
As part of the full service offered by LABurnettLegal we also affiliate with a Tax Attorney and a Tax Return Preparer & Bookkeeper: