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Many times, a debtor has an URGENT problem and they need an attorney who can quickly assess their situation and find a solution. Sometimes the solution is bankruptcy - sometimes not. But, no matter what your problem, LABurnettLegal investigates ALL the issues and presents you with an array of various choices to solve your case.
For over 24 years Loretta Burnett JD has been helping debtors with collection problems in Colorado Springs. Her skills include a blend of Debtor-Creditor law, Tax Law, divorce, criminal and bankruptcy law. In order to find a solid solution for you she must be an expert in several direct areas of law.
Her emphasis in IRS and Colorado taxation cases makes her an ideal attorney for finding creative solutions to all types of debtor problems. Her initial appointments are always FREE but at the end of the appointment she will devise an ACTION PLAN for you to know the consequences, methods and costs to eliminate your debt!
Bankruptcy is NOT always the answer and in fact, should be a last resort. So, LABurnettLegal has the associations and tools to provide debtor relief in and out of the bankruptcy court, no matter what your situation.
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Map to LABurnettLegal on the Westside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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